Photos of recently enjoyed things // Summer

Eat, Work, Repeat. Over and over and over.....

Until this weekend. I gave up coffee and pretty much gave up all form of trying enjoying a weekend off to enjoy the new summer sun and heat. Many, many naps were had for all. 

Peanut butter jelly time (all the time) 

One thing Brighton is awesome for is antiques - I bought two - this beauty and a tan leather lens case. So. In. Love. 

This man, on the other hand, got through a list while I snoozed the weekend away. He's itching already to hit the seas again with the boat. Sadly, with too much to do and not enough experience to move her solo yet those days are going to be later in the summer. 

She's picking up mine and Wilson's habits - taking home garbage or as we like to call it "gifts from the sidewalk gods". She found a almost not broken body board to fulfill her sea baby dreams. 

Sun. Beach. Blue. All damn day long. 

Why can't it forever be summer? 

This week I'm hoping to finally paint our berth in the boat. Once the paint and foam go up we'll be able to move our bed and some belongings into the room. One room semi done will set my worried mind at ease we'll actually fit all we own into Aileen. Wish me luck as this is the first time I'll ever white wash anything. 


Our First Written Blog Post <3

Hello Friends, 

Welcome to our first written blog post on our new blog. I’m curled up in the boat’s saloon with a smelly candle burning over my shoulder (to fight off the nasty renovation stink) and watching a golden sunset over the Brighton Marina. It feels good, really good to be on here sharing with you. I’ve actually been a blogger since 2009 but for whatever reason, I succumbed to the same fate of most parenting bloggers: as my kid grew my motivation to write and share shrank until my poor old blog became desolate with neglect I'm ashamed to say (and sorry to my 30K of readers, but hey I'm here now though, coolio?!). There’s also something to be said about life getting busy and just not having enough time or brain power to write -  never enough time like ever haha. 

That said, the last four years have been busy, to say the least. We moved from NYC to LA to London to Brighton. Started two businesses, had countless projects, jobs, and clients, started our YouTube channel and that’s all taken place between raising our kid and assimilating to a new country (well that last part for just G and I as Wilson had lived 10 years in the UK priorly). 

I guess the last four years of chaos have been the big influence on our current life changes. While the boat has always been a dream from the start of our relationship, the overwhelming want/need to simplify and slow down our life has become more important as we lived in the chaos of “normal life”. It hasn't been a hard decision for us to want to step outside of what a "normal" life is, move onto a boat and follow our hearts on what's best for our family.

So what will you find on this blog? Well - a lot of mines (Kirby) thoughts. I’ve always been a writer and having a home to write again feels like a dream. You’ll find “in-between episode" real-time updates of where we’re at on our projects and further details on the particulars of our adventure moving towards a slower, simpler, more earth-friendly life. 

Going forward if there's any particular part of this adventure you would like us to share more with you just let us know. And thanks for being here and for joining us on this wild adventure, we appriciate it.