Photos of recently enjoyed things // We all have a cold 8(

Hello Friends, 

Happy Monday! I love Mondays actually, I'm one of those rare people out there that do it seems. Don't get me wrong, I love me a solid rest filled weekend but I guess it's a good sign enjoying your life and work when Mondays are just as happy, right?!

We're actually recovering from nasty colds here on our end, the weather here has been so up and down it's like fall flus and colds have hit the UK early. We tried to shoot a video we've been planning on doing for some time now for the channel yesterday and called it quits when I sneezed almost four times on camera. Right back into bed I went and the shoot was rescheduled for another weekend (here's hoping this coming weekend bring better weather!). 

Anyhow here are some recent photos from the last couple week. Sparing you any sick faced ones haha! 

Remember I mentioned how awesome people in the marina are?! Well, see this monster as the proof! So many of our neighbors have been dropping off fresh veg their friends grow to us lately I'm starting to worry they think we don't feed our kid or something haha (I kid, I kid). 

A sunrise photo to balance out all those sunset ones.

Best man in the world. Point blank, end of story, he really is the best. On a side note, any advice on how to tie this beast of a boat up properly?! Any wind and we're creaking like mad lately. 

Girl takes her ballet serious haha! 

And the entire dock has become her stage. I have all the dirty stockings to prove it. 

Bluebird Teas sent us a box of goodies because they are awesome like that. This is their "summer blend" in a fancy new cold brew bottle (that is perfect for making sun tea on the boat deck!) helped me survive this cold. THANK YOU Bluebird

I get a kick out of the random feet (well not like random strangers it's my family's feet...just randomly appearing) outside the window when I'm in the kitchen doing dishes. 

Also, our neighbor moved to a different part of the marina so shame free knicker drying happening over here nowadays, at least until we get a new neighbor that is. Not gonna lie, it's been awesome just having water outside our windows and not another boat though. 

Can I please get some "mom points" for this one?! No way I'm paying some bloke Β£20 on the street for something I can do in the comfort of our own home. I even added sparkly beads. #winningatmomming

Compulsory sunset shot! You think I would have a photo post without one?! Have a wonderful week friends! New episode coming out Friday.


What you have vs what you want.

Guys, I'm SO excited, like a little kid, because this week our pressurized/hot water system and shore power are being installed. Simple things most homes have like water that runs when you move a tap and sockets in each room we have lived without since moving on board and let me tell you, I'm so excited to be able to wash dishes with hot water, not have to lug in 25L jugs anymore (water has in input of 100L we just put the hose into!) and mostly not trip over the ever present extension chord as we'll be able to plug in where we need, when we need starting Friday. These things aren't life ending sure, but in such a small space (half the boat is still out of service!) they affect your day to day. 

The biggest thing I think I've been learning about though since moving in is our relationship with food. As you can imagine with half the boat not in a useable state yet, our food storage is limited to about one cupboard. This combined with the fact we don't yet have an oven (only three burners) and no fridge make for some creative cooking. The threat of rapidly spoiling fresh food and forced smaller batch cooking mean we no longer cook/eat "what we want" but "what we have". And with this comes less waste, less non parishable food will sit unused for weeks and easy access to what we do have even the spices means we're using everything. It feels right. 

This means more shopping every couple days sure but that also means more time spent as a family getting out biking or walking to the shop and fresher healthier food all around. I realize if we lived in a warmer climate not having a fridge wouldn't really be an option. I currently can leave nut milk out here in the UK and use over three days which wouldn't be possible if we lived in say Portugal but I'll be taking these lessons I'm learning into our family's future for sure. Less sometimes it more, and more somethings isn't better. 


Photos of Recently Enjoyed Things // Sunsets for Days

I'm pretty sure almost every blog post we do is going to have some sort of sunset photo in it. I mean can you blame us? Look at these views! I can only imagine when we head out on our adventures the sights we'll capture. 

This rose night was my ultimate fave sunset so far. A glass of rose in hand, a bowl of cherries, a relaxed husband all with a view. You can't get any better than this. 

This little cheek. And also I'll tell you more about it later but check out her new fancy WatchU watch which has been life changing for our family giving G so much more freedom day to day! 

Windy reality of living on the UK coast. 

Same marina. Different view. 

I really really want to be vegan, just things like this keep happening. NOM NOM NOM. 

When the sky and cliffs melt into one another, such a beautiful place to live. 

The boat has defeated me, a little, carpel tunnel in my hands from all the refit work. My hands need a holiday. 

And those sunsets again...